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deenamita [userpic]

weird dream log (hardly any other kind for me!)

May 3rd, 2010 (12:20 pm)
current song: Sex Pistols - Bodies

OKay, this one takes the cake for weird lately.

Whereas in my dream I thought I was living in a normal apartment in a normal life, it tuns out that when I was being taken away to a psych ward I was informed that I was not in fact living a normal life in a normal apartment...I was being used for sex in a tiny room by a priest and had been hallucinating my daily life in order to protect myself. They showed me the building, and that my keys opened the front door and the tiny room (which only had a bench built into it, as big as a closet). So I had been going to work and coming "home" to this reality, of which I had no knowledge.

The next day I escaped from the psych ward, and visited the same neighborhood, of course. The people in the hood were chastizing me as that women who had sex with the priest, and I protested, saying I had no idea, and explained how the brain works and that it was totally possible I could be unaware. Some had sympathy, some were still considering me a 'ho. I was also sifting through my belongings which had been put out on the street in boxes, although interestingly, my brain was telling me in the dream that these were belongings I had decided to get rid of when i moved out of my old apartment.

I woke up..and of course wondering where in my life i'm being raped spiritually with the wool pulled over my psyche.