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deenamita [userpic]

Dream log x 2 .. both having to do with death, of sorts.

April 24th, 2010 (11:31 pm)
current location: home

The last dream I had this morning before waking up... the only thing I remember was a tall green plant stalk with the leaves falling off.

Then, taking a nap in quiet study today ...WEIRD FREAKY dream. I had had a miscarriage (in the past, not actively bloody, just knew that I had had one..) and the remaining fetus was viable and the size of a tiny worm. I had been keeping it alive in a pot of water, but had apparently forgotten to give it milk for a while, neglecting it. I was draining the water and the fetus-worm was dangling on the edge of a drain part. I tried to pick it up with tweezers but cut it in half accidentally, hence it died. I was sad. I put it in a plastic bag to put out with the garbage and tied the bag, dropping it on the floor. a few minutes later I see a lot of activity in the bag and i knew that maggots were multiplying like crazy and I needed to get the bag out of the house! I picked up the bag and ran outside of the house while this bag kept expanding and I could hear flies inside...the front door was a double door like my childhood house, in fact, it was probably my childhood block...i tossed the bag out into the street, it broke and the flies started flying away into the alley across the street. I went back inside and bolted the door and it had this intense giant steel door kinda bolt. ON the wall to the right of the inner door was a wall with names written on it and holes, all up and down the wall, as if there had been a bunch of pictures there held up by pushpins.

And then I woke up, as the story ends. WTF? !?!?