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doggie serendiptiy

July 16th, 2010 (05:58 pm)
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Today I met a beautiful big dog, perhaps a yellow lab. It was at the next door neighbor of my therapist, waiting with her owner for their pilates session next door. I inquired as to whether I may pet the beautiful dog, and the owner said yes. Petting ensues on the head, hesistant kisses are given in return. Doggy decides to get up and investigate me further.

So what's your name, doggie?
"Eliza" (owner)
"Well, Eliza, very nice to meet you. My name's Christina."
Eliza puts out her paw to shake, and shortly thereafter gives me the booty.
"Well, I guess now that we've been properly introduced I have permission to scratch your butt!"

Owner and I LOL.

It made my day!