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Dr3am Log

April 19th, 2010 (02:20 pm)
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current mood: still waking up
current song: Blue Man Group - Persona

I was living with the beau, layout was probably my parents first house with the living room downstairs. Beau was upstairs, I was downstairs and there was a knock at the (back) door. It was someone from the neighborhood, asking my advice because his girfriend had been having abdominal pain for a few days now. I asked him a few questions and then decided he should take her to see the doctor, not to mention, I was annoyed that a neighbor I didn't know would be knocking on my door to ask about his gf's abdominal pain.

Some new neighbors popped up outside, it was a middle-aged white lesbian couple who were both, incidentally, doctors. The dude was leaving at this point, and they didn't mention they were doctors until they were gone. They came in for a meal and met beau.

This dream is very easy to determine the origins of....I've been debating becoming an advanced practice nurse vs. MD (I really like the ability to say "I can't answer that, you should see the doctor") , and I went to sleep with a tummy full of buffalo wings, fearing a tummy ache might happen, which, it didn't fortunately.